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How to start content writing in 2023|6-easy ways|


How to start content writing in 2023.If you are wondering how to start content writing, this should be in your mind.

If not, then read on to find out more about the tips and tricks that will help you get into the world of content writing. Start Your Free Article Newsletter! Stay up to date with top writing tips and much more. 

Starting a freelance career is one thing, but landing a job as an editor or copywriter can be another matter entirely. It all depends on how well you know what you are doing – and whether you have what it takes to break ground for yourself.

“It’s like when I was 14, we had a book that everyone wanted, but nobody was trying to write it,” explains writer Janae Boggs, who has worked for numerous magazines and newspapers. “People always said they were going to put it together in three months. They never did.”

Bloggs says she realized something was missing in her skillset after realizing she’d been working too long in marketing roles. She decided to take the leap and dive right in. 

Today, she works at The Washington Post, where she writes stories covering politics, celebrity news, business, current affairs, and general interests.

Whether it’s getting hired for magazine writing jobs or starting your website, these six steps will ensure you get started fast on the road to becoming a freelancer.


  • Uderstand what content writing entails
  • Find work
  • Master your craft
  • Create your portfolio
  • Write regularly
  • Work on your skills constantly!

1. Understand what content writing entails

How to start content writing in 2023|6-easy ways|

Writing professionally is different from writing anything else. While any form of published text qualifies as content – the word itself is almost synonymous with content – content writing requires exceptional skills to produce quality work. And it involves thinking critically. 

Here’s why you need to become a better writer before delving into the next step:

Writing is a skill

“There are two things required for successful writing: the ability to think creatively and to communicate effectively, both of which require practice,” says Ben Johnson, founder, and CEO of, LLC, a custom language agency that helps people master their native languages.

These skills come easily enough for some people just by reading literature or watching documentaries, but writers struggle to nail the same tasks every day, so you’ll need to learn them if you want to excel.

What makes writing hard? Well, there’s no simple answer. Instead, you’ll have to take it day by day and work on honing each part of this process and though content writing doesn’t fall out of bounds with great ease, it does demand certain skills. These might include strong storytelling, creative problem-solving, and a deep understanding of writing conventions.

 Just go through your list of talents and see what areas you lack because you want to do better than anyone else out there.

2. Find work

How to start content writing in 2023|6-easy ways|

You have to show up on the daily job market to secure a place in a company, after all. This means applying to companies and positions that pay well. 

Finding your first client will likely involve pitching to an employer or taking online surveys and webinars. But don’t feel intimidated that you’ll struggle alone, because you do have mentors.

 There are plenty of resources available to help you along the path toward entering the industry and earning as much as possible. Use these tools to find clients quickly, so you don’t waste time on those companies who aren’t worth your time.

3. Master your craft

How to start content writing in 2023|6-easy ways|

Master your craft

No matter how good you are at what you do – your knowledge, experience, and attention to detail – you won’t be able to match people’s expectations if you’re not passionate about crafting quality content.

 Being skilled at doing something isn’t enough. You also need to be dedicated to perfecting those skills, and to seeing them flourish. That might mean spending a lot of hours putting thought into specific assignments, or creating content that is fresh and relevant year after year until you reach a point you’ve accomplished excellence.

4. Create your portfolio

Your resume is one of the first pieces of collateral you’ll present to prospective employers. No doubt you’ll be asked to create a personal brand (and your CV), including showcasing photos from various promotions and accolades. 

As well, you’ll need a portfolio of previous work you’ve done to showcase your proficiency. Don't worry if you can barely remember when you last submitted something since most businesses ask you to provide samples.

 Remember, you’re trying to show potential bosses exactly what you do best – and what sets you apart from other people doing the same job.

 So find examples you’re proud of while keeping your personality in mind, rather than copying anyone else’s style or images.

 Do your research, look at other works in similar publications, and highlight any strengths you have. Also, consider looking past titles and designations, and focus on those elements.

 For example, someone else might call themselves a copywriter – the title could be misleading, since there may not be many opportunities for a copywriter in the publishing industry, even among those who work directly with editors instead of managing copy. 

Focus on finding true experts in your field, and give credibility to your work by sharing samples of recent work rather than simply stating facts about what you’ve written previously. It shows your dedication to staying current, which translates to being trustworthy.

5. Write regularly

How to start content writing in 2023|6-easy ways|

Write regularly

If you want to succeed, you’ve got to write frequently. Not only does this improve your editing abilities, but it also keeps you motivated and accountable, giving you a sense of purpose and drive. 

Try setting aside 5-6 hours of free time per week, during which you will work on whatever projects you feel ready to tackle next.

 When you know what you’re supposed to be writing, you’ll hit the ground running straight away. Keep going until you’ve developed enough writing expertise to land gigs that will allow you to move forward.

Remember that success comes from perseverance. Only by consistently producing high-quality work will the chances to be hired, and the number of opportunities for advancement increase exponentially. Take advantage of those opportunities now!

6. Work on your skills constantly!

How to start content writing in 2023|6-easy ways|
Constantly work on your skills

 The final strategy for writing recovery is to identify your work's weak points and resolve to address them. The more you draft, edit, and proofread, the better you become To become a better writer, one must practice. 

Take 20 minutes out of your writing schedule to focus on your writing abilities.

If you're unsure whether you want articles, nevertheless write them. Your writing will be improved through practice.

 Additionally, try to read the comments left on blog posts or articles that received positive feedback. 

Then, you may practice using those fundamentals in subsequent articles. Although it may not lead to perfection, practicing always helps. Your knowledge will improve the more you write.

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