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The 20 Best Online Marketing Twitter Accounts to Follow in |2023|


20 Best online marketing twitter accounts In this article, we will explain what is an Online Marketing account, why it’s important to check its followers, how these people engage with your content as well as why it’s better to find them through other platforms.

The 20 Best Online Marketing Twitter Accounts to Follow in 2023 

How does an Online Marketer Engage With Others?

Well, if you want more information about engaging other users or retweeting their posts on a personal level, then you need to know how they do this. You should understand that there are several ways by which others can interact with you.

Engagement — This involves liking someone else’s post, retweeting them but also giving comments or sharing your views. Other people can retweet you too so don’t forget to share your favorite moments.

 Comment — You can comment on any individual post or page to say what you think is good or bad. Just remember that it always feels great when someone reacts to your comment. 

Also, keep in mind that the number of likes and retweets is higher than the number of comments. Retweet — It’s not just for tweeting about your opinions. Instead of doing that, you can tweet, just to get the attention of others.

Here’s How These People Use Their Social Media Accounts!

Online marketers are aware that these accounts are crucial for increasing traffic to their websites. Therefore, they would like to see all these tweets from real users. So let’s look at these accounts one by one.We have listed below the online marketing Twitter accounts that you can follow if you are a web marketer in 2023.

Here is the some Twitter accounts that you must follow.



Fiverr is probably not exactly for professional services but rather for creating beautiful things to sell on this site. At first glance, you may think that it’s nothing but a marketplace where you can sell anything. But the reality is quite different. If you visit this website, you will notice that everything on the site belongs to Fiverr itself. 

Even though the prices are fair, they aren’t cheap. They come in large quantities, hence making them easily accessible. In addition, Fiverr has many categories that can help you expand your business. All you have to do is to apply and start selling.

It might be time-consuming initially but trust me if you stay consistent, you will be able to reach success soon. Your customers are likely to buy items from you due to low competition and high quality. 

Hence, you should know the tricks you can apply to increase your customer base. For instance, now and then, there will be new products available. And that would mean that you will have to respond to each of the proposals coming from your competitors.

 However, the price tag will never change and therefore your profit margin will also remain the same every time you have made sales.


2. Zomato

Zomato is one of those sites where people can order meals and eat whatever they want. Whether it’s pizza or spaghetti bolognese, they can’t resist eating something delicious out there. There are thousands of food places all over the world; however, most of them were closed down during COVID-19.

 As you can imagine, everybody who used to work in restaurants had no choice but to switch jobs. Now, millions of Indians are unemployed because their businesses have been shut down. Luckily, this situation is being solved as well.

 Since we see such websites everywhere, people feel obliged to try something healthy instead of junk food. Thanks to Zomato, restaurants, and fast food joints have started opening up again, thanks to the presence of reliable nutritionists on this platform.

Zomato is a perfect example of user-generated content (UGC). By posting interesting recipes, reviews, opinions, etc., customers will find inspiration as well as support. Furthermore, it shows that they appreciate your efforts.

 Most importantly, it builds trust and confidence between you and your target audience.


3. Reddit

Reddit is an international community of internet users, like you. Many internet users have started using this site for discussion and communication. Its primary purpose is to allow individuals to talk openly without fear of censorship. 

Moreover, there are sections on this site where you can discuss issues related to politics, pop culture, current events, and technology. Users can even share their ideas and thoughts regarding issues that matter to them. Thus, this type of online space is beneficial for learning new skills.

To facilitate these discussions, subreddits have subreddits that contain specific topics, such as cryptocurrency, sports, gaming, or general matters. Some of these communities are very popular among subscribers.

 Here, most common questions like “How to earn money on Reddit” often arise. When asked about the answers or recommendations, you will be surprised to hear that Reddit members love to help. One may ask, “is there a way to join Reddit quickly?” But don’t worry, there is nothing necessary for anyone to do that.


4. Quora

Quora has become famous over the past few years. Although this website was previously created by Harvard students to answer student questions, nowadays it doesn’t function anymore due to a lack of interest from other university students. Yet, Quora remains popular among those people who prefer asking questions. 

Nevertheless, unlike in old times, today, you can also find professionals looking for solutions to common problems. You can even contact potential employees and receive guidance in real time.

The reason why Quora stays relevant is that it is constantly updated and enriched with knowledge, resources, videos, etc. Additionally, answering any question you see on the platform allows you to learn about a lot of subjects. If you’re a beginner and haven’t tried Q&A yet,

 I suggest searching Quora for various suggestions and answers to some of your questions. If you get stuck, you can refer back to our guide On What Is Quora? if needed.


5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network created by Microsoft. This website helps connect employers, recruiters, managers, and other professionals and provides opportunities to build valuable relationships.

 Once you’ve joined this site, you can learn about companies’ values and goals. This makes you interested in working for them. Plus, you can look for jobs easily and access your profile whenever you’re ready.

This company provides job openings for both IT and cybersecurity specialists. Additionally, since many big organizations choose to hire these experts, chances are that they’ll need additional talent at some point. Plus, you can look for internship positions as well as full-time ones to build experience or even advance your career in your desired field.


6. Medium (Medium).com

Medium is one of the biggest publishing sites in the United States and worldwide. Apart from writing articles, people can also publish books, music, and poems on this website. It offers free and paid subscriptions. 

Besides, this website has a blogging section where entrepreneurs post their new ideas for businesses and brands. If you’re curious about starting your blog or website, this is the right place.


7. Pinterest

As a small business owner, you can reach a huge audience if you create pins with useful content on Pinterest. Such pins can help attract visitors to your website.

 Additionally, you can pin images to showcase the product of certain goods on your storefront.


8. Twitter

You might wonder why Twitter still exists although only a little more than 2% of Americans are active users

. However, this popular site is home to nearly 70 million daily users. Like Facebook, this platform has become the main source of entertainment and news for billions across the globe.

 Naturally, people use Twitter to communicate and exchange their opinion, whether it’s about political affairs or world events.


9. Hubspot

Hubspot is a digital marketing agency founded by two Stanford graduates. Currently, this brand runs over 40 million websites. Furthermore, it is responsible for generating 6-8 billion visits every day. Moreover, this firm serves over 3,500 major corporations, making it a leading player in global digital advertising.


10. Tumblr

Tumblr was once an independent website; however, its popularity skyrocketed after Instagram. Today, Tumblr is known for art, photography, and lifestyle features.

 Every blogger uses this page to express themselves and document their lives. According to today’s social networks, users can create a personal Tumblr channel for postings pictures, videos, and stories in exchange for rewards.



GIPHY is a self-described open innovation community. Anyone is welcome to upload their photos, videos, and GIFs. 

In addition, anyone can create collections of links related to the topic of creativity or design. Another benefit of joining the YouTube Partner Program (UP) is that Google recognizes your originality and puts it into their search results. 

Finally, you can also take advantage of promotional deals offered by these video-sharing sites.


12. WordPress Blog

WordPress has already grown to a whopping $15.3 billion annual revenue. Despite its widespread popularity, WordPress isn’t widely used on social networking sites. Nonetheless, it is worth trying out.

 Firstly, the plugin functionality is extremely smooth and easy to set up.

 Secondly, if you want to make a WordPress website with minimal effort, you’ll find WordPress CMS easier to use.

 Thirdly, it comes with plenty of templates and plugins to enhance your blog. Lastly, lots of third-party tools and themes are available to choose from.


13. Hootsuite

7.3M people subscribe to this channel! Still not persuading you enough? How does that sound? You may up your social media marketing game by using the account's verified advice, useful how-tos, and data-driven infographics. With a terrific sense of humor, well-seasoned.


14. Grammarly

We just had to pay attention to this account. The most well-known content optimization software must be Grammarly.

 They provide intimate life hacks to create better blogs, emails, and social media posts, analyze typical blunders, and offer helpful advice on how to seem more confident. 


15. Lee Odden

The actual master in Business - to - business is Lee Odden. He has years of experience in digital marketing and is now passing that knowledge to his followers. In particular, Odden focuses on content marketing, SEO, PR, social media strength, and influencer marketing. Relevant for high and low businesses. 


16. AJ Ghergich

According to his life, he "shares essays, guides, case studies, and cat gifs."


AJ is your go-to expert for SEO, SEM, and content marketing. He broadcasts a wide range of advertising analytics on his account, including hot videos and engagement metrics. 

We advise utilizing hashtags to go through his tweets and locate only the information that applies to you given that the themes he covers are extremely varied. 


17. Harry’s Marketing Examples

Visuals are the power of this channel. The narrative is replete with bright, colorful visuals that are paired with helpful information. Check out Harry's Marketing Examples for clear examples, in-depth examination of case studies, and copywriting guidance.


It's quite simple to understand, making it a must-follow website for anybody new to marketing. go thru Harry Dry. 


18. Jeff Bullas 

Jeff Bullas is the Biggest Influencer of Chief Marketing Officers. Marketing directors and CMOs may learn about the most current marketing trends by exploring Jeff Bullas' blog.

 You might wish to follow him on Twitter if you work as a marketer for a b2b service and want to keep updated with marketing trends. 


19. Amy Porterfield

Amy is a successful marketer that concentrates on optimizing social media analytics and creating ways to monetize online marketing efforts. 

She is now working on her podcast, "Online marketing made easy," in which she instructs business owners on all aspects of digital marketing. 


20. Matt Heinz

Matt has a wide range of interests in digital marketing, which makes his over 113k followers' reading material fascinating. Check in to uncover a variety of details and insights regarding demand generation, leadership, marketing strategy, and content marketing.



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